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Through Dreaming, Inc. is a business consulting firm working in the
Dog Grooming/Grooming School industry and small business consulting worldwide.


Dog Grooming Shop Consulting

Our primary focus is on business building for dog grooming shops and turning them into profit centers.


Dog Grooming School Consulting

The way to grow a business that involves people is to grow…PEOPLE! What can you expect from your investment in people?


Mobile Dog Grooming Consuting

Yes, mobile grooming can be profitable! You may just need a grooming consultant like Kathy to show you how.


Business Coaching

Whether you have a good handle on your business and are looking for ways to find a new profit, or if you know your business could use a lot of help, every business can grow!

Helping businesses transform into their dream!

A perfect program plan is the key to a successful transformation. We save you time; weeks, months and years of trial and error! Our design and business core helpes makes goals work for future oriented ideas.
  • Specialize in Transitioning Your Business into a School
  • National Certified Dog Grooming Business Consultant
  • Organizational Strategy Consultant
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Training Design & Program Management

We provide customers with tailored and unique solutions

Every day our consultants are proud to help shape the way the world’s leading companies structure and manage their business. Only highly-skilled professionals who become agile members of their organization to help them get the job done and beyond.
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We help companies transform their business
and stay competitive in a dynamic market!

How long does a business consulting project last?

The length of time of a business consulting project varies and is based on a number of factors including:

  • Business needs and challenges
  • Budget
  • Size of the organization or team
  • Scope of the consulting project

The length of our consulting engagements has varied from a few days for a quick training assessment to a few years for enterprise change management and business transformation initiatives.

How is the scope of a consulting project determined?

Depending on the business goals, challenges, and size of the organization, the project scope is typically determined during the initial consultation sessions.

For complex challenges and enterprise clients, we typically recommend an assessment phase at the beginning of the project during our preliminary research.

This ensures that we identify and prioritize everything correctly and develop the best solution to meet your goals.

What problems does business consulting typically solve?

Our business consulting solutions are designed to be flexible, targeted, and modular to solve countless challenges.

We mix and match our organizational strategy, business process management, instructional design, and training programs to develop the perfect solution for your goals.

How is a consulting project started and organized?

Although we customize just about everything to your business needs and goals, the typical consulting project is started and organized in the following ways:

Initial consultation meeting(s) to determine your goals and current business challenges.

If we require deeper information before or during building a proposal, we’ll have you sign a mutual NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

We’ll develop a proposal that includes an SOW (statement and scope of work), pricing, timelines, and any options or recommendations.

Once the scope of the project is agreed upon, we’ll establish you in our systems for effective collaboration. (if applicable). This will also include a regular communications plan and milestone reporting.

We’ll work our brilliance to make you and your business shine.

Towards the end of the project, we’ll finalize knowledge transfer so the results are sustainable.

How does Through Dreaming keep that from happening?

Although we’ll do an official closeout of the project, we’ll always be checking in to ensure that everything is working the way it should and you continue seeing the results you expect.

We want your Through Dreaming experience to be one you’ll never forget in a good way.

Working with consultants shouldn’t be a hassle. We work with you and your teams to make sure the experience and process are great while working towards your goals and the operations of your DREAMS.

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Kathy and her team would love to contribute their
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